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For young professionals

Leader Launcher!

The Tri-Cities Leadership Development Program
for Emerging Leaders and Young Professionals
"Millennials’ Most Valued Work Benefit = Training and Development (22%)" – Price Waterhouse Cooper
7 out of every 10 employees want more training opportunities!

Emerging Leaders

Take your career to the next level with this exciting leadership training series!
For young professionals

For Employers

Motivate and inspire the next generation of leaders in your company or organization!
For young professionals


The ideal LL candidate...

  • a learner-wanting to improve self and motivated to do so?
  • in your current leadership position between 2-12 years?
  • not yet chosen for a formal leadership program by your company?
  • someone whose supervisor hasn’t developed you fully?
  • self-reflecting on your strengths/weaknesses and wanting to change to be more effective?
  • seeking mentorship?
  • next in line for a leadership position, or one step back from next in line?
  • wanting to influence from the middle?
  • showing interest in all-things-leadership?
  • feeling stuck without a clear growth plan?
  • wondering, What really is a leader?
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About Leader Launcher

About Paul

Paul Casey is a nationally recognized speaker, author, personal coach and leadership consultant. He speaks regularly to groups large and small about the value of personal development and mentors leaders individually for peak performance. Paul will be your guide for this life changing Leader Launcher series!




testimonials Leader Launcher arr
Melissa Hall
"Leader Launcher has been a great resource for building leadership skills. Paul has a creative approach to optimizing individual strengths and utilizing them. I continue to pull useful techniques optimizing team members, time management, and creating a long term vision for my team."
Rachel Haff
"Leader Launcher has helped improve my networking and has given me many different ideas on how to manage my daily work schedule to better suit my needs."
Dalton Cannon
"My interpersonal and workplace communication have improved directly from the courses I’ve taken with LeaderLauncher. While communication is a recurring theme in the courses, I’ve also learned a lot about time management, leadership and management styles, and many other topics valuable to my personal and professional growth. An emphasis on goal-setting and following-up up helps the theory learned in the courses convert into real positive changes at home and in the workplace."
Josh Toner
"I am always in a search for people that want to grow and Leader launcher is an incubator for people at different levels of some sort of growth. The group leans towards business development but it is applicable to all pillars of life. Great group!"
Emiliano Santiago
"When I attend these sessions, it impacts me because the information given is what I need to grow as a professional. Thanks Paul! "
testimonials Leader Launcher arr